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exterior car detailing and washing

Car Detailing Fayetteville NC

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    Car Wash Fayetteville nc


    When you need a car detailing service in Fayetteville, NC look no further than Fayetteville Care Detailing. With such a memorable name, it would be hard to forget who we are. Our car detailers offer a variety of useful auto detailing services, which include everything from interior and exterior detailing to carpet cleaning. We don’t just offer casual cleaning we offer a deep cleaning; one that you can see. When you want to give others a good first impression one way of doing this is by making sure you have a clean vehicle. If you have a business that requires you to take clients around, you can't afford to have a dirty vehicle. Your vehicle must represent who you are. Allow us to provide you with the detailing services that you want and need.

    About Us

    We are a locally-owned and operated auto detailing company in Fayetteville, NC. Since establishing our business over a decade ago, we have become the preferred and most widely used Fayetteville detailing company in the city. We service our customers with passion and those who depend on our detailing services to notice this. By investing in the right equipment and tools, it is easy for us to also produce the best results possible.

    Our Services

    It doesn’t matter the extent of your detailing needs, we assure you that our detailers are capable of providing you with all the help that you will need. We offer full car detailing, which means that you never have to hire anyone other than us to keep your vehicle looking its best throughout the year. Since we have hired the most dependable and experienced service professionals, you can be sure that you will always get what you are paying for.

    interior car detailing in progress

    Interior Car Detailing

    You could go to a local car wash to clean your car but detailing your vehicle is a lot more involved. Our cleaners can clean the hard to reach areas of your car and have it looking like new again in no time. When you want to put your best foot forward, allow us to help you do this by detailing your car.

    Exterior Car Detailing and Washing

    No one wants to have the dirtiest car on the road or parked in the company parking lot. We are sure that you are no different. This is one good reason to rely on Fayetteville Car Detailing to effectively and thoroughly clean the exterior of your vehicle. We use non-toxic cleaning solutions when attending to the detailing needs of the motorists we serve.

    car washing in progress
    fresh car after odor removal

    Odor Removal

    When there is a bad odor in your car that you can’t seem to get rid of it is time to rely on our experienced detailers to find and get rid of it for you. They have proven effective methods for identifying odors that motorists can’t identify. They also have a proven effective method for getting rid of the odor.

    Auto Carpet Cleaning

    Your vehicle may have very different stains that you might find in your home. With our carpet cleaning formula, we can successfully extract grease, oil and other hard to remove stains from your vehicle floors. You don’t have to keep putting mats in your car simply to hide the stains that you can’t remove. Call us instead and let us completely remove the stains on your vehicle floors.

    auto carpet cleaning in progress
    car wax in progress

    Car Wax and Glass Care

    When detailing your vehicle our experts would never neglect your glasses. They care for every part of your vehicle. If a good waxing is what is needed then you can be sure that is what you will receive. We know that appropriate wax to use on your vehicle, which is why you should depend on us for your service needs.

    Motorcycle/RV Detailing

    Most motorcycle enthusiasts love their motorcycle and wouldn't entrust their care to just anyone. However, they eagerly rely on our service professionals to detail their motorcycle because they know that they will care for it will loving hands. They will do the same if you have an RV that needs detailing. We treat both your motorcycle and your RV with kid gloves when we are taking care of it.

    motorcycle detailing when completed

    Contact Us For More Information

    If you’re not sure which of our detailing services you can benefit from the most, just give us a call and one of our associates will go over the various options that are available to you. When your car looks good you look good and when you look good, we know that we have done our job. Why not come and see us at Fayetteville Car Detailing and allow us to the honor of detailing your vehicle. We promise that you will be satisfied with our work.

    waxing car in progress

    “Once we moved we knew that we would have to find a new detailing shop and luckily we did, Fayetteville Car Detailing. They came highly recommended by several others in our neighborhood and I can honestly say they do better work than our previous detailing shop. I can certainly see why they came so highly recommended, they do great work and offer reasonable prices.” – John J.

    auto carpet cleaning in progress

    “We found this full-service auto detailing company in Fayetteville and we figured we would check them out. We're glad that we did because they did a great job of cleaning our RV. We'll continue to use this service as long as they continue to offer us the same quality of service that they did the last couple of times we have used them.” – Arnold R.

    car cleaning in progress

    “The odor that was in my vehicle was so bad and so hard to find that I was considering getting rid of it until I thought I would try one last time by contacting Fayetteville Car Detailing. I couldn’t believe that they could find out what the smell was but they did. They discovered what it was and even got rid of it. I’m glad I found out about them because they saved me thousands of dollars.” – Gary T.